The Community vs. Inconsiderate Ditz

I read these articles about how people are more community-minded; they’re sharing things like cars and tools and cider presses, they’re bartering tomatoes for honey, etc.  Maybe that’s true but they’re certainly not sharing the road any more than they used to.  I’d like to think, if people are more community-minded, it would show in times of detour

Today, I was headed north over the California Grapevine and all northbound lanes were closed part way up due to a serious brush fire on the South side of the summit.  Apparently, in addition to the emergency vehicles, Inconsiderate Ditz driving a yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser was owed special privileges.

The authorities had us gradually whittled down to one lane just before they detoured us off to side roads.  Before we could even see the turn-off, Inconsiderate Ditz and two others cruised up the right shoulder and past the rest of us who’d been proceeding in a painfully slow but orderly and community-minded fashion.  Fuming, I decided to imagine they were transporting donor organs.

A few minutes later, as we approached the turn off, Inconsiderate Ditz was holding up traffic, yakking to the Highway Patrol, preventing me from seeing where the other cars had detoured to (you know, when in doubt, follow the crowd).  Maybe she contributed to the Patrol fund… and was transporting donor organs.

Out of options, I followed Inconsiderate Ditz up the ridge road, so I guess this next one was my mistake (I wasn’t the only one, it was all of our mistake).  She meandered up the ridge, slowing down, speeding up, gawking at the fire behind our left shoulder.  Maybe she was drunk… and contributed to the Patrol fund and was transporting donor organs.

After passing up a dozen good turn-outs, Inconsiderate Ditz abruptly pulled off to the right, still halfway stuck in the lane, so she could pull her obnoxiously pink camera out to take pictures of the fire.  Maybe she was a member of the press… who was drunk, a contributor to the Patrol fund, and transporting donor organs.

As of about 9pm tonight, the fire was 35% contained.  It had burned 600 acres with no injuries or damage to personal property.

PS – No guff about this being a California driver.  I’ve driven in 30 of our 50 states—rudeness is not exclusive to California.


"...he who does not ask remains a fool forever." ~Chinese proverb

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