My Book: Help Wanted!

Greetings all!  This post is all about soliciting your help—no heavy-lifting required.  Please send me your recommendations for great chase scenes!

To elaborate…  I will be writing a chase scene for my book and I want to impart the heart-stopping suspense any reader would desire from such a scene.  This scene is also pivotal to the entire plot.  In this case, it will involve horses, wagons, a frosty morning, cobblestones, and Paris streets but your recommendations need not fit that profile.  I believe any chase scene will help (written or film; good or bad).  This is an ongoing request, so I may repost it from time to time.

Thanks in advance!

chase scenes



2 thoughts on “My Book: Help Wanted!

  1. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, it’s the chase but more of the unexpected nonchalant outcomes. Kung Fu Hustle, I love humor in a good chase.

  2. Tarantino’s Death Proof contains one of the most original and nail-biting car chase sequences I’ve seen. Norwegnian film, Headhunters could also provide some inspiration.

"...he who does not ask remains a fool forever." ~Chinese proverb

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