Lessons I’ve Learned (So Far) From Dance Central 3

DanceCentralI enjoy dancing more than exercising and so when I’m at home and trying to be more fit, I like to turn on the Xbox Kinect and plug in one of the dance games on the “Fitness” setting.  It feels less like a workout and more like fun!  I have a few of the dance games but the one I’m playing right now is Dance Central 3.  I’m doing the “Story” where I’m a secret agent thwarting the evil villain Dr. Tan with decade-specific dance moves… living the dream, people!  Little did I suspect I’d learn a few inspiring life lessons along my dancing spy path (granted, some artistic license employed here)!

1. Turn off pictures: no reason you can’t imagine yourself to be one of the ultra-ridiculously-fit animated characters, but the photo capture tends to ruin the illusion.  *See How To… at the bottom of the post.

2. Trust yourself: when it came time to decode the “Era Craze” for the 90’s, it kept reporting that I had it only 75% correct.  It was the Macarena!  I was a teen while the Macarena was hot; I know the Macarena (let’s just say this is the only case in which I’m proud of that fact).  I followed the silhouette exactly, over and over and over again, but the silhouette was wrong.  Once I trusted myself and did as muscle memory dictated, I deciphered the craze!

3. We’ve got rhythm…: even a WASP can dance to Ciara and 50 Cent (High Solo Score!).  Though I’m no B-boy.

4. “Keep it simple and to the beat”: no need to get crazy improvising your moves, you’ll get mired in your head; focus on the beat and life will move along naturally.  I’m sure that’s listed somewhere in the Tao Te Ching.

5. “Dr. Tan can’t innovate he can only imitate!”: be yourself and embrace your own creativity; no one wants to be a clone of another human being, no matter how beautiful or successful they may be.

*Get yourself to the Main Menu.  In the upper left corner, find Options.  Select Gameplay Settings then swipe Photos Enabled.  If the box is white, it’ll take photos, so you want to swipe again until the box is empty.


"...he who does not ask remains a fool forever." ~Chinese proverb

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