Kristen’s Domain Name Poll Results! it is!

Yes, it was a last minute, come from behind kind of win over  And who knows, maybe I’ll grab both just to be safe!

Sincere thanks to those who chimed in!  I promise all sorts of things I’ll forget I promised until you come looking for me!  …naming characters after you, prominent acknowledgments in my novels, first mention when I win the Nobel Prize in Literature, etc.  Why aim small?  And, in truth, I’m very good at remembering those types of things so look for your mention in a future publication.

Over the next weeks, you ‘ll see corresponding site changes though of course the owner, voice and personality will remain the same.  Current Followers should be carried over with no problem.  New Followers are always welcome!  Please stay tuned and I appreciate your continued patience and support!

Sincerely, Kristen

End Detour Final


"...he who does not ask remains a fool forever." ~Chinese proverb

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