enddetour.com is a travel blog for friends who are passionate about sharing their travel stories, tips, photographs and other journeys. Our contributors—the friends—come from all backgrounds and walks of life but we share common bonds in our love of travel, fun and camaraderie. We hope you enjoy journeying among friends!

why enddetour?

End Detour Final

Kristen M. Foster rediscovered this photograph—originally taken to show her sister the location for her 30th birthday—shortly after that milestone, during a low point in her life. The sun-kissed-orange sign, bold words and path disappearing into the horizon helped her realize that somewhere along the line, she’d taken a detour. Kristen is embracing a change in career and attitude to get back on course as a writer; using her writing to share her journeys. She invited her globe-trotting friends along as a way to give you more content variety and reconnect.

"...he who does not ask remains a fool forever." ~Chinese proverb

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